Personalised Veterinary Care in Your Own Home


Loving Care Mobile Veterinary Service was established by Tonia Norton to provide a caring, professional veterinary service to her clients. Having been a vet for over 30 years and managed a busy vet clinic, Tonia believes there is a need for more personalised care, where animals are treated like family, and cared for in the home.


"I decided, after years of experience in veterinary hospitals, that I would like to provide a less stressful environment for our pets during their veterinary examination and treatment. In the home, the animals are generally more relaxed and compliant. I only book one consultation per hour, which allows plenty of time to perform a thorough physical examination, and can observe the pet and their interaction with their home environment and owner. I develop a real bond with both pet and owner, which is extremely rewarding."



Loving Care Mobile Veterinary Service is just like going to the vet but most importantly, without the stress of getting pets into the car and to the clinic, and without the risk of infection from other animals, which is especially important for young pups and kittens. Our clients appreciate the individual care offered to the animals. For more about our services read here.


Time Efficient

Our service is time efficient as well as reducing stress for everyone. Our clients are often busy people with little spare time and our service fits right into your family and lifestyle.



If surgery is required, we provide a range of surgical procedures in a registered Veterinary Clinic. Our high level of care continues as each animal is monitored constantly from the time they are admitted to hospital until the time they are safely returned to your care.

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Consultations by appointment:


8 AM - 5 PM

Monday - Friday


9 AM - 12 PM

Saturday by request



Macquarie Post Shop

PO Box 1307

Macquarie Centre  NSW  2113


Tel:  0412 131 925


Based in the Lane Cove/Ryde area our service is available from West Pennant Hills to North Sydney and from Putney to Killara.


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